Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Family Pet

Been relaxation scrapping... I am loving the new setup I have with a set of drawers on wheels that hold heaps of bits and pieces right beside where I am working.

The new Creative Team for Scrapville have me feeling challenged as their work is so fantastic.
Go to Scrapville and check it out if you're interested.

I have been busy working on travel entries for the Wodonga Show and in between doing some of the childhood photos I have.

Below is my brother Tony and I with a pet lamb we once had .....
This was done straight out of my scrap drawer... nothing new just using up bits and pieces I have lying around. I love buying new scrapbook materials (sometimes TOO much) but I get a sense of satisfaction matching up scraps to make a page as well.

Seems like I've been using a lot of browns and neutral tones lately but i promise you there's more colour coming soon.

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Renmark S A

Renmark S A
August sketch 2011