Friday, 23 March 2012

Wodonga Show Winners

Well the Wodonga show is over for another year and here are some of my entries. 
Competition was fierce (ha ha) as, sadly, I was the only Scrapper who entered the show. 
On the plus side that meant I won all the prizes!! 
Here's my winning entries:

ABOVE - "Hush-a-bye"
This page won a monthly pack prize at Scrapville last year so was pleased that it won a first for  the Family category and the grand champion prize for Scrap booking.

RIGHT -  "I love my Dad" won 2nd prize in the family category.                
When I saw this lovely photo of Bella and Aron I just knew I had to scrap it.   
Special thanks to Dianne for her lovely photography. I'd say I'd share the prize with her but I've already spent it at Scrapville. 

From the top on the left my double pages won best travel category.
"Locks on the Murray" won first prize 
 "Lighting the Way" a series of lighthouses along the great ocean into South Australia won second. 

"Catching up with friends" 
(Simone and Doug's visit at New Year) Bottom left 
won first prize for the Friends category 
"Timeless Friends" Annette and Nigel  on our trip home last year won second prize.

Of all the pages I entered these are the ones I thought would have been most prize worthy so  I  am pleased with the result though I do hope next year I have some competition.
In the meantime I have bought myself a lovely new scrap booking bag  to cart my gear back and forth to Scrapville. Thanks Janet for supplying the  prizes.


  1. Love the way you have used my pictures Roseanne. You have done an amazing job and congratulations on winning some prizes at the show!




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Renmark S A
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